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We provide an aggressive approach to controlling your pest problems through proven methods of removal.


We use the most effective traps available and are relentless in our mission to get rid of your gophers.

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The use of the Burrow X gassing machine is critical.  We use it on every visit (where we can legally do so) unlike most companies that use it on the initial visit, then charge you additional fees.

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We are experts at ensuring that your family, home and pets are safe.  We place our baits in the right place at the right time to reduce the gopher populations.

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General Pest

Properly identifying the pests in your home is critical to resolving your pest issues.  We are licensed experts who will get rid of your pests in a timely and safe manner.  

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Our Mission

We're committed to providing our customers with professional service and results they can count on. Our gas-generating machines are used on every visit (where we can legally do so), along with baiting and trapping for a resolved problem.

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